Why You Should Get a Lounge in a Nightclub

You’ve saved for months, your flights are booked, the hotel is set, even your connection transport from the airport to the hotel is ready. Bags are packed to perfection too. The final details, the icing on the cake, is booking your tickets to club nights and events. But what will take it from a basic club night to something special? Well, if you’re looking to take your Greek trip from spectacular to phenomenal, you book a lounge or a booth at the Banana Club.


Any time you book a VIP booth, lounge or private area you know you are in for the best time. While it might be a little pricey, you do get what you pay for and more. Bottle service is usually in the price, sometimes a couple of bottles of bubbles, often priority access to the bar and early entry.

Bottles arriving at the table laden with sparklers, access to the premium bottles – delivered directly to your table.

It looks and feels like a little bit of luxury – because it is.

The Split

While it might be your treat for your group, if you split the cost of a lounge or booth, you’ll find it much more manageable, and that frees up your cash for either more bottles that night or the ability to splash out again somewhere in the week. Split the cost with your buddies.


There will usually be a team of staff that are dedicated to looking after you and your group. They’ll be committed to making sure that you have the best time possible. If you head to the nightclub in advance during the day for a coffee, then you can introduce yourself to your potential bar and table staff. Get to know them, tip them well and always be polite.


This is a critical point really. Have you ever been to a club so busy that every seat is taken and the dance floor is packed out too? Nightmare. If you book a lounge, then you are pretty much guaranteed to have space to sit no matter how busy the rest of the club is.

The sofas or seating, in general, will be plush and soft, plenty of cushions and incredibly comfortable. So if you have had a long day shopping, and wandering across the hot sandy beaches, it is the perfect place to kick your feet up and relax.


Although the club itself will be loud with people and music, when you sit inside your lounge area, you will still be able to have a conversation instead of shouting over the music in hopes that someone will hear you.

Selfie Time

If you want some great selfies, without running the risk of photobombers and awkward backgrounds – lounge is top choice. Instead of those dodgy snaps, you’re going to get those Instagram worthy ones filled with the smiling faces of your choosing and a backdrop of your VIP space.

Perfectly Positioned

Usually, you will find that any booths and VIP areas are positioned neatly. What does that mean? It means that it will be close to the bar, the smoking area, and the toilets – but not so close that you will have people disturbing you all evening.

Bragging Rights

When you have the coin to spend on a luxurious evening, then you’ll want to let people know about it. To say that you’ve hired out a private area in a nightclub in different country has a different prestige to saying you hired one in Birmingham or Newcastle.


Aside from the selfies, very often top clubs will have an in house photographer. And, while usually, you will say no to those snaps because they’re just not that great when you’re in the VIP section you’re probably going to want to keep those forever.


Believe it or not but you can learn a lot about the place simply by indulging in their high-end offerings. The music that they are playing can be a sign of how far ahead or behind the times they are. The cocktail list can be a nod to what is popular in the area, and with other club goers for the last few club seasons. The prices are an indicator of the socioeconomic environment and the general wealth you can find in the province too.

Is it Worth It?

There are a few things in life that you won’t regret. Seeing new countries is high on the list, having a taste of the high life,  giving yourself once in a lifetime experience, and spending time watching sunsets on the beach are all great things. Getting glammed up, glowing from the relaxation, a light tan, and sitting in your soft, decadent lounge is something everyone should do at least once.