Why Chartering a Yacht for Your Corporate Retreat is a Great Idea

If you are planning a corporate retreat one excellent choice for a location is a luxury yacht. This type of retreat is mobile allowing you to introduce your team to a high end environment and then transporting them to several different environments that can support whatever message you want to deliver to them. If you are interested in chartering a yacht for your corporate retreat you can click here. In the meantime, here are the top reasons to choose a yacht as the location for your corporate retreat.

It is Impressive

When your team shows up to the dock to board the beautiful yacht that you choose to charter, they will feel special and that you are really interested in their wellbeing.  So your company should look to charter an impressive looking boat that makes a great impression when people pull up to it. This should be carried on into the amenities of the boat as well.

Opt for one that has lots of space to hold activities and cabins that are complete with their own bathrooms. Also aim for things like several beautiful lounges if you have a large group so that are many spaces they can get together and hang out. You should also cater food for your group and have people onboard to tend to them. Your overall goal should be to make everyone feel special and appreciated. This will make your team really want to participate in your corporate retreat.

It is Completely Different From Your Company Offices

Your corporate retreat should be a completely different environment than your offices and be able to add to your overall goal of setting an ideal place to build rapport and camaraderie. It should also offer different places that set different feelings for your group. And overall it should be a place where your group feels cared for and needed.  Nothing could be more different from an office than a beautiful yacht that has a range of different places to set the tone for teaching and learning. Your yacht will also cruise through the waters to new destinations which can represent you taking your team and company to a new destination and new heights.

It has been proven that by presenting an attractive and interesting environment on your corporate retreat, your employees will open up a bit and be more amenable to learning and trusting.

You can Travel to Different Locations

You can create a corporate retreat that includes several different destinations when you choose to do it on a yacht. Sailing on beautiful seas like the Mediterranean allows you to stop off in many places that are ideal for team building and setting challenges for your group. You can choose to stop at several picturesque places with beautiful beaches, mountains valleys or small cities to set the mood you want for your retreat.

It Will Force Everyone to Bond

Being in the close quarters of a yacht will help your team to get closer to one another. You should use this opportunity to employ some rapport building tactics including games and exercises that involve the entire team. Also utilize all areas of the yacht for your retreat. Have some sessions planned outdoors and others in interior areas to vary the effects of the training. You do not have to worry about rough waters because the Mediterranean is very calm throughout the year.

It has all of the Amenities You Need

You can select a yacht that has all of the amenities you need to have a great corporate retreat. Some yachts have rooms large enough to hold training sessions and exercises. There are yachts with areas for solitude and one that have several decks on different levels that are perfect for reflection or corralling small groups. And depending on the size of your group, you can find yachts that can accommodate them sleeping on it. Anything not included you can certainly order and it will be provided by Vyra.com.

When you are choosing the location for your corporate retreat you should definitely consider selecting a luxury yacht.