Which Sports are Popular Worldwide?

The popularity of different sports can be quite interesting these days due to the competition for investment and advertising.

TV audience ratings, attendance figures, and revenue earnings are some of the ways in which popularity is measured. How about the sport the world loves the most? Find the answer here“먹튀사이트” Examining all of the criteria, the answer stands out as obvious: soccer is king. The second favorite of the world is what? In third place is basketball, followed by cricket.


Fans range from the rich to the poor and from young to old, forming the largest fan base on the planet. An English developer created the game, which is of Chinese origin.

There are 208 countries where the sport is played, with 93 of them ranking as the number 1 sport, with a combined population of 2 billion people, and 100 of them ranking among the top 3 popular sports. It is the world’s richest sport, and both rich and poor can play it. Over $30 billion is invested in domestic leagues in Europe, and another $10 billion is invested in other leagues.

Playing Cricket

In terms of popularity, hockey is second only to football.Twenty countries, with combined populations of more than 1.6 billion, have adopted it as their national sport, and it is one of the top three sports in ten nations with populations of more than 200 million. There are about 5 billion people watching the cricket World Cup on TV with a combined television audience of the World Cup. A sports organization in India valued at over $2 billion is the richest of all. It shows the Most Popular Team Sports (Bleacher Report).

A cricket match includes Twenty20, which lasts three hours, and 50 over a side matches, as well as Test matches (the traditional format), which last up to five days.The game was invented in England in the 17th century and carried to the colonies during the 18th century by colonists.

Cricket was still a popular sport to the extent that it became the second most popular. In some of those countries, the game has developed well, as shown in the following:-

Despite the gentleman’s dominance, cricket has evolved. In recent years, innovations like Twenty20 cricket and programs to encourage school children to play the game like ‘Chance to Shine’ have helped the sport gain an even broader appeal.


Basketball is America’s most popular sport in the Philippines. It is also the third most popular sport in more than 10 countries with a combined population of 1.8 billion people. NBA teams generate an estimated $3.3 billion in revenue, 90% of which comes from the US. NBA foreign players have contributed to increasing the popularity of the sport in numerous nations. The most popular team sports (Bleacher Report: Most Popular Team Sports).

Since the criteria used to rank the next few places may vary, it is very difficult to rank them.

Different sports have different popularity levels, and this task is never easy. Sport has increased in popularity because of technology, and people are interested in sports whether they participate or just watch. In the future, popularity will be measured by more criteria, which will make the task extremely challenging.

Due to their popularity, especially the first two (regardless of the criterion chosen), ranking them proved easier than expected.