When in Amsterdam: 4 Great Accommodation Options for Your Visit to the Netherlands

With a plethora of unique experiences and opportunities, Amsterdam is a great getaway for any traveler.

But as one of the major cities to travel to, knowing where to stay in Amsterdam is equally important.

Like many cities, there are many tourist traps that you won’t want to get sucked into, and you won’t want to miss out on some of the opportunities to learn what makes Amsterdam one of a kind.

Your next adventure in Amsterdam can easily be built around your accommodations, so doing your homework before the trip can truly optimize your Amsterdam experience.

So where will you find your home away from home?

First Know Where to Stay in Amsterdam

It’s often helpful to start your search by looking into things to do in Amsterdam so you can decide how you’d like to spend your trip. Once you have a few neighborhoods picked out, you can begin planning where you’ll stay by looking into accommodations in these areas.

Check out these excellent places to seek out when staying in the Netherlands to start planning your holiday.

1. Local Home

Staying within a local home allows flexibility in spending: you can find a single room for a very affordable price, or you can find an entire home to yourself (which are often still far cheaper than hotels).

If you cohabitate with the host family, they can provide keen insight into the best places for you to visit.

If you’d rather stay in a home by yourself, you can also research the different areas of the city to see what might be best for your interests. With Amsterdam’s diverse districts and neighborhoods, there are ideal locations for everyone.

2. Hostel

We promise it won’t be a horror movie-like experience. As arguably the most affordable accommodation in Amsterdam, hostels typically serve best as a place to clean up and prepare for your next adventure in the city. And for many of us, that’s all we need.

However, hostels aren’t all bare bones. They are frequently held in amazing historic buildings and can offer additional perks such as themed rooms, their own restaurants and bars, and even walking tours.

Explore Amsterdam’s unique hostels to see what they have for you.

3. Houseboat

There are few places where you can sleep on a boat then walk into a city within moments. With a complex grid of canals, Amsterdam hosts many of its guests and residents on water.

Houseboats are so popular here that you’ll often find a boat within one of the local home rental listings. When you research where to stay in Amsterdam, be sure to check out different areas where you can dock your boat.

Bonus: if you can sail (or can find a sailor), your boat home can also be used to tour and commute through the city.

4. Bed and Breakfast

Bed and breakfasts are another great accommodation if you’d like to take in more of the historic city’s architecture. Not only are these often cheaper than hotels, but they’ll also provide you with a hot breakfast, many of which are authentic Dutch dishes that you may have difficulty finding in restaurants.

Where Will You Stay in Amsterdam?

Once you know where to stay in Amsterdam, you’ll surely have a great time. Whether you’re there for the art district, historic sightseeing, or consuming their infamous beer and cheese, Amsterdam will check all the boxes.

No matter when you plan on departing to the Netherlands, advanced accommodation searches will give you more time to plan the perfect trip for you. Start planning today to make the most out of your trip!