What To Look For When Buying A Bathroom Basin?

Are you remodelling your bathroom? You might need to look for some cheap bathroom basins to complete the look. Plus, you might be awed to know that 37% of bathroom remodelling is done to increase practicality. Did you know several styles are available in basins to help you improve practicality, aesthetics, home value, and more?

Besides, you’ll find that looking for a bathroom basin is one of the most significant decisions while remodelling your bathroom. So, you’ll need to know what to look for when buying a bathroom basin.

So, read on for a comprehensive buying guide for bathroom basins.

Buyer’s Guide for Bathroom Basins

While looking for a bathroom basin, there are several factors to consider. You need to ensure its practicality, whether it matches your bathroom interiors, budget, and more. So, here are a few considerations to bear in mind while shopping for reliable and cheap bathroom basins.


Firstly, you need to measure your space. Your bathroom basin has to fit the space where you want to install it. Plus, it needs to fit near the water supply connections easily. Depending on the basin type you wish to choose, you need to measure the space.

  • You need to measure counter space
  • For pedestal basins, you need to measure the floor space available

You also need to consider the depth when choosing the faucet and bathroom basin.


While remodelling the bathroom, you also need to think of what type of bathroom basin you want to install. You can choose from the following types.

Wall-mounted basins

These are aesthetically pleasing, space-saving options. They are perfect for compact bathrooms and give your bathroom a modern and contemporary look. Plus, they make your small bathroom look bigger.

Countertop Basins

Countertop basins sit atop your vanity. They give you a minimalistic look. Plus, they are stylish, elegant, calm, and available in various styles. You can choose this basin if you have a floor-based or wall-mounted vanity.

Under Counter Basins

Undercounter basins are space-saving and blend well with your décor. It fits into your vanity beautifully, giving a modern look. Moreover, you get various sizes, finishes, shapes, and faucet configurations. Plus, these are easy to clean.

Compact Basins

Compact basins are perfect for small bathrooms. You get them in various styles, and they are space-saving too. Plus, they require faucets of the correct size. Further, compact basins are vessels of different shapes and finish and sit atop a countertop.

Pedestal basins

These basins are traditional, and they don’t have counter space. They are stylish and work for any theme. However, pedestal basins don’t have storage space and offer you limited surface area.


While choosing bathroom basins, you need to consider the material of your basin. You have various options to choose from:

  • Cast Iron Basins- You can choose a heavy, durable, rustic cast iron basin. You get basins with a glossy finish, and they are dent resistant too
  • China Basins- These are popular and timeless. They give you a white porcelain look. Of course, you can get various colours nowadays to match your bathroom. Plus, they are easy to clean and durable
  • Stainless Steel Basins- They are tough, affordable, and classy. You can scrub them clean to retain their shine. Generally used in kitchens, they can work well in modern bathrooms too
  • Stone and Granite Basins- Stone and granite basins are engineered and look smooth. They offer a natural look to the bathroom. Often, you can have an unfinished rock finish to have an au natural look
  • Fireclay Basins- They are sealed and fired at high temperatures. They are smooth, rounded, and durable
  • Glass Basins- You can get customized, personalized basins in various shapes, sizes, and designs in glass basins. However, bear in mind that glass basins are fragile and can’t handle rough-and-tough use


You can choose amongst modern, traditional, and antique basins for your bathroom. Modern basins offer minimalistic designs that are sharp, clean, and smooth. Traditional ones are timeless and give you a formal or classic look. Antique basins are ornate and detailed.


When buying cheap bathroom basins while remodelling, you need to consider the size, types, and styles of basins. When you know what is available, you’ll be able to think of what you want for your bathroom.

Ensure you choose a bathroom basin that matches your bathroom interiors and your tastes. Plus, it should meet your budget. You can also consider exploring trends and check if it’s befitting your bathroom.

Author:  Alison Lurie