What Causes Constant Fatigue?

There can be many causes for constant fatigue, some more harmful than others. Finding out the root cause is imperative to a quick diagnosis.

Do you want to know what causes constant fatigue? Well, if you’re suffering from it you’ll be glad to know that there are many reasons for your tiredness and many aren’t that serious in terms of medical consequences. But most can become serious if you leave them untreated. Now take a deep breath, because your worst fears probably aren’t true. Below I’m going to go through with you some of the most common reasons you might be feeling this way. Discuss these with your doctor and your days of struggle will be over. Are you ready to stop tiredness and stop fatigue? Read on


Anemia is one of the leading causes of constant fatigue. It’s caused most often by a lack of iron resulting in a decrease in the number of red blood cells flowing around the body. Red blood cells carry Oxygen, which is an important ingredient in the bodies creation of energy. Less red blood cells, less Oxygen, less energy. So, you end up feeling tired and sleepy all the time. Most people don’t even know they have it, but 1 in 20 men suffer from Anaemia during their life, and it’s also common in postmenopausal women. The cure for Anaemia is simple. You just eat foods that are rich in Iron like Seafood, Beans, and Spinach. Your body will slowly create more red blood cells and you’re back to your old self.

Type 2 Diabetes

It is estimated that 1 in 10 people in the western world will suffer from Type 2 Diabetes during their lifetime. It’s caused by genetic factors and dietary factors so if someone in your family has Type 2 Diabetes or if you’re overweight then get yourself checked out. So how does it connect to your constant fatigue? Well, the bodies of Diabetics struggle to use Sugar. Sugar then builds up and Oxygen can’t pass through the body at its normal speed. We just talked about Oxygen’s role in the creation of energy so you know what that means. For you, it means a huge lack of energy. Solving your constant fatigue problem could be a case of simply getting some diabetes medicine like Metformin.


What is your state of mind at the moment? If you are suffering from depression then you may not have sought help. Most people who have depression fail to seek help because they’re either embarrassed or unwilling to admit they have a problem. Depression raises the heart rate, causes joint pain, causes headaches and very commonly causes constant fatigue. It also causes the brain to overwork itself leading to an inability by sufferers to reach the third stage of sleep. This is a deep sleep. As this is the only stage of sleep where the body is getting actual rest, depressives tend to get tired during the day. You may think you slept for 8 hours but you really didn’t get any sleep at all. Talk to your doctor or order some antidepressants online.

Coeliac Disease

Are you also suffering from Diarrhea? If so then it’s quite likely that you have Coeliac Disease. It’s caused by the body’s rejection of certain foods. Most often foods that contain Gluten. One of the symptoms is constant fatigue as your body wrestles with the Gluten problem. Your doctor will advise you to go on a Gluten-free diet to solve the problem. A simple blood test will allow health professionals to tell you if you have it.

Underactive Thyroid

The Thyroid is a gland located in the neck and it’s responsible for your metabolic rate. Your Metabolic rate is the speed your body turns its fuels like Sugars and Oxygen into energy. A fast Metabolic rate means you’ll have tons of energy. Some lucky people do. But with an underactive Thyroid, your Metabolic rate will be slow and you’ll be producing less energy than you need. Hence your constant fatigue. Underactive Thyroids are more common in men than women and you can find out if you have one by getting a blood test. If you do, then you’ll be given Hormone replacements and your constant fatigue will vanish.

Urinary Tract Infection

If you’ve had friends who have suffered from this you’ll be familiar with the stories of constant pain when they go to the toilet. But in some cases there’s no pain at all and the infection can go completely unnoticed unless one of the symptoms causes the sufferer to go to the doctor. Constant fatigue is one of the main symptoms. So you might want to go to your doctor and ask for antibiotics which will kill the Bacteria causing the infection.


Heart Disease

Brought on by high blood pressure, Heart Disease isn’t actually one condition. Rather, it’s a catch-all term used by doctors to describe a variety of conditions of the Heart leading to Heart failure. These include a weakening of the heart’s beat which leads to less blood being pumped around the body, so less Oxygen creating energy. As an assessment of what’s causing your constant fatigue, Heart Disease is unlikely, but it’s worth get tested for. Knowing about it could save your life.

Final Thoughts:

The only condition here that is remotely life-threatening is Heart Disease. And, it’s the least likely condition on the list to have affected you. All of the others have easy cures except for Diabetes which will be with you for life but can be easily managed with the right medication and diet. So it’s not the end of the world, and a positive point is that it may be that you’re just stressed and overworked. In which case you wouldn’t have any of these conditions and instead of finding a cure you’d need to re-evaluate your priorities. I hope that I’ve supplied a certain amount of research material for you in your pursuit to find the cause of your constant tiredness. Go to your doctor and discuss these conditions with him. Work with him/her to get the right tests done to find out what exactly it is that is causing your fatigue. Thank you for reading.