What are the must have foods for the perfect Christmas dinner?

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and with that comes the meal to end all meals: the traditional Christmas dinner. This year may be different from those that have come before, but we’re all still set to fill our faces and spend the following months swearing to lose those extra few pounds that we have gained.

If you read the recent research by Betway, the UK is big on Christmas gifts, but what would Christmas be without Christmas dinner? When it comes to a PS5 or the latest Xbox, I can take it or leave it, but deprive me of the obligatory turkey and that’s my Christmas over.

Now, we’re all a little different when it comes to tastes, but there are certain foods that, no matter what, the perfect Christmas dinner just has to include.

It’s all about big birds


You can try and sway me towards goose, duck, or even a fancy 3-bird roast, but a true Christmas dinner is all about the turkey, and a big one at that. We’re not just talking about a turkey big enough for us to have our fill during the meal: we’re talking about a turkey that will go on to feed us for days on end! Turkey sandwiches, a turkey curry, heck let’s even go for turkey on toast if we have to. The staple of a perfect Christmas dinner that it is, we won’t be wasting any of it!

I’m clearly not looking to be argumentative but, the truth is that if you’re not eating turkey this Christmas, your Christmas dinner is just wrong on every level.

The controversial veggies!

Christmas dinner is one of those strange meals: we can go a whole 12 months victorious in the battle to avoid any vegetable passing our lips, but, come Christmas, we just can’t get enough.

Roast potatoes, roast parsnips, carrots, and more, our plates are piled high with a selection that would make the strictest vegetarian proud of us for just one day (if they can ignore the delicious pigs in blankets and stuffed turkey that is!).

But then enters the trouble-starter, the veg that divides, dare I even say breaks, families across the UK: the Brussel sprout. Of course, it belongs on our plates for the truly perfect dinner, but there is just something about it that causes arguments up and down the country.

And to top it all off?


It’s all about Christmas pudding, brandy sauce, and a flash of flames: the traditional Christmas dessert is enough to bring out the inner pyromaniac in all of us. Obviously, there are alternatives to end your perfect Christmas dinner on a high, but ultimately there shouldn’t be.

Your cheesecakes, your black forest gateaux, and your fancy cheese and biscuits have no place at the perfect Christmas dinner. Come Boxing Day, then yes, by all means, scoff these to your heart’s delight: there’s no denying that they are more than a little bit tasty, but they do not belong at the table for Christmas dinner.

So there you have it, all arguments brought to an end: now you know what you need for the perfect Christmas dinner.