Want A Sophisticated House Party? The Best Places In The UK For Your Social Gatherings 100%

The UK is a super eclectic place. No two towns or cities are alike in terms of culture and people. That’s great – of course – but when it comes to narrowing down where to throw your next house party, you might need a little help.

Each location has its charms, so let’s take a look at a few top places to host a social gathering.


If you love Welsh people, and the way that when they talk, it sounds almost like singing, then, of course, Wales should be on your list. It’s too hard to get to from most places, and Cardiff airport if you have people that need to fly in.

Wales is green and lush, with plenty of open spaces if you are a fan of being surrounded by nature. Which also means that any houses you book, will have a lot of land around it (so you can crank that stereo up). In fact, both Swansea and Cardiff are in the best party cities UK list.

If you have booked a house for a few days, there is plenty to explore. From coastlines to vibrant city centres.

Image by steven underhill from Pixabay


Cast the haggis to one side for now, and pull out the whiskey. Scotland is a stunning part of the UK and might just find a giant house tucked away on estate lands is ideal. The air is fresh and crisp, you can catch a sunrise for most places – due to the varying landscape. Most of the bookable manors and estates are significant and historical, perfect for those who love to soak up some culture. The chances are you won’t be too far from a distillery either. So you can pick up some of the local whiskey.

Pretty much anyone who has been to Scotland wishes they had stayed longer. For cities, you can opt for Aberdeen, Glasgow or Edinburgh – all with their own charms and airports.

Brighton & Hove

Brighton has long been known for being a fantastic town for nightlife. With miles and miles of beaches, the views on any given day are something quite spectacular. Although some people can find them a little bit blunt, southerners are great people with a brilliant sense of humour. There are plenty of top-class restaurants, and the pier gives something to do day or night. The lanes are super for shopping and picking up some weird and unusual gifts.

You can stay out of the city by booking something in West Sussex and getting the best of both worlds.


In the Midlands, the chances are you’ll be looking at Birmingham if you want a night out. It’s lively, the food is brilliant, and the transport links are excellent. It’s a hub for live music and a big mix of scenes. From classy and classical, to the rough and ready rock bars. Museums and art galleries give almost everyone something to ponder over during the days, and the shopping is fantastic with Selfridges and The Bullring bringing some great retailers.

Alternatively, Herefordshire is one of those places that provide miles and miles of green and beautiful scenery, and when the sun goes down, there is plenty to do. You’re more likely to find yourself in a speakeasy than knee deep in foam and glitter, but it’s country living with a city touch rather than the very industrial Birmingham.


Almost everyone loves a little bit of Robin Hood, and Nottingham doesn’t disappoint. Sherwood Forest is a beautiful place to take your guests to if you are in the area. There is a visitor centre, and you can get in some lovely hours of bird watching. It plays host to Nottingham Contemporary art gallery, Harley Gallery and Patching Art Centre – great for those with an eye for detail.

The Nottingham Playhouse and Theater Royal have a wide variety of musicals, comedies dramas and more. And, it is totally worth a visit.

Cornwall & Devon

Interestingly, if you are looking for warmer climates, the Cornish seas have been hotter than those of Santa Monica in previous years. And aside from a darn good pasty, there is much more to the area. Westward Ho! Is the only place in the whole of the UK that has an exclamation in its name – making it a fun place to visit.

There are also World Heritage Sites that are well worth a visit. Many people flock to Cornwall & Devon during the summer months for the stunning landscapes, the warm water and salty sea air.

When you are putting together the perfect house party, you should take a couple of things into consideration. The immediate location, and then the available towns and cities that aren’t hard to get to.