Ultimate Guide to Decorate a Scandinavian Style Bathroom

The bathroom is a part of your home that you cannot avoid but use the most. So, it would be best to style it beautifully. The best thing is there are plenty of ways to give your bathroom a fantastic look.

One of them is Scandinavian style décor which is famous for its simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. This style has been with us since the 1950s and is still in trend focussing on using natural materials.

You can easily and quickly add glamour into the bathroom with this style and make it functional too. Moreover, it does not cost much, and you just have to decorate it smartly.

The below is the ultimate guide for decorating a Scandinavian style bathroom:

Monochrome Wall Art

Minimalism is a perfect way to achieve a Scandinavian-style bathroom. So, go for introducing some white and black elements to have a monochromatic effect. Hang simple and graphic art pieces on the bathroom walls.

By layering them, you can have a simple yet stylish effect. You can also add a continuous-line art piece to have a tremendous impact without worrying about color clashing. Browse for more refreshing and trending wall decor ideas for the bathroom.

Opt for Fresh Flowers or Plants

Opt for Fresh Flowers or Plants

To enhance the Scandinavian-themed bathroom interiors, add natural elements. For example, you can add color, freshness, and natural beauty by decorating the bathroom with flowers or houseplants.

When you go to the Scandinavian region, you will notice all streets often filled with florists selling tulips or other fresh flowers. So, in your Scandinavian style décor, you must add a floral element for an original look.

Keep it Simple

A Scandinavian-style bathroom is all about keeping things simple. So, while decorating your bathroom, always pick décor accents with simple designs. Perhaps, trim the corner with ceramic pots with plants inside it.

Add texture and color to your Scandinavian bathroom interiors by placing towels or items with geometric shapes. White walls or wooden cabinets create a simple space. This style is the best example of minimalism but never makes an area look boring.

Accent with Brass or Black Tapware

Accent with Brass or Black Tapware

Most Scandinavian-themed bathrooms feature white or wood but add some colors to give a finishing touch. For example, installing black tapware will give a modern look and make your bathing area feel cleaner.

You can easily install steel taps, but you need a little wow factor with simplicity in the Scandinavian bathroom. And black tapware works well to do so.

Keep it Airy and Bright

Keep it Airy and Bright

To nail the Scandinavian look in the bathroom décor, keep the space exposed to natural light and airy. Whenever and wherever possible, use natural light by carefully planning the bathroom interiors.

In addition, take proper care of installing artificial lights that include LED downlights, sconces, etc.  Additionally, set a mood with candles or ensure an inviting feel.

Layering Textures

Layering Textures

Textured surfaces add warmth and interest to the bathroom. Moreover, they enhance the comfortable feeling. So, install various textures in a Scandi-style bathroom with textured tiles, bathroom fittings, etc

The concrete wash-basins give the finishing touch to a Scandinavian-style bathroom, contrasting with the timber-textured surface. To complete the Scandi-design, install complementing accessories like towels, stone trays, timber baskets, etc.

These items will bring layers of texture and give a warm or relaxing experience.

Always Mix-Match

You always get a lived-in feel from Scandinavian homes. Although they are not perfect in style yet, they look lovely. Same way, to give an authentic appeal, it is essential to mix-match. Add art pieces and other items from different ages.

So, always combine things you like regardless of whichever genre they suit. Take proper time to collect items that have some meaning. It will give a touch of your personality and style.

Choose Light Shade Flooring

You often made Scandinavian-themed bathroom floors with light-colored materials. These colors make the space look spacious and brighter. During the winter season, if you want to provide more warmth, place light-colored mats. You can also use a radiator as it keeps the bathroom warm.

Choose Light Shade Flooring

Timber-Replica Tiles

You can use Italian-made tiles to cover the bathroom floor or walls. These porcelain tiles are the perfect replica of timber texture. They add a unique twist and perfectly fit with the Scandinavian style bathroom.

In addition, they add a warm layer of color and texture to your space. So, add a character into the bathroom with decorative patterned tiles.


Using these ideas, you can create a stunning Scandinavian-style bathroom that incorporates beauty, functionality, and simplicity. In addition, it will offer you timeless elegance.