Top Tips When Looking For A Pick Up From Barcelona Airport To The City

So you’re looking to travel to Barcelona this year? Wonderful! Barcelona is a city packed with wonderful sights and plenty of things to do. From Park Güell to Nou Camp, you’re in for an incredible time!

The whole process of booking a trip away, whether it be for business or pleasure can be rather taxing. As if catching a plane isn’t enough of a haul, you also have to think about how you’re going to get from the airport to your destination. Have you thought about how you’re going to get from Barcelona airport to the city? There are many options that you could take, including:


In Barcelona, there’s a train station that runs through the airport, meaning that people leaving the departure lounge have the luxury of hopping on a train and heading straight to the city. With trains running from the hours of 6 am until 11 pm and every 30 minutes or so, you’re bound to find a train near to your landing time. That is if your flight is within those times and if it isn’t, you’ll simply have to wait a few hours at the airport. For around 4€ per journey to the city, you can’t really complain about those kinds of prices!


You could always opt to hop on a bus if getting on a train doesn’t suit you. Much like the train services, buses run through Barcelona airport every 10 minutes and can take you straight to the city. Running from the times of 6.30 am until 11.30 pm, you’re pretty much in the same situation as you would be with a train – except instead of 4€, you’re looking on paying a lowly 2.15€ for your ride to the city.

For both trains and buses, however, it’s important to measure how far your accommodation is from the drop-off point, as you could find yourself walking a fair distance with all of your luggage.


Another alternative that might work well for you is, of course, the taxi. Taxi drivers are pretty much always waiting around at the airport for new arrivers that want to get to their destination. However, you could be spending at least 35€ per journey from the airport to the city which could be eating into your spending money considerably. You can also expect to pay more if travelling on bank holidays, weekends, and at night time too. Not only that, a taxi driver will naturally, speak in their home language which could make communication difficult if you have no idea where you’re going either.

So what route can I take that will get me to my destination hassle-free?

An option that not many people consider is an airport transfer service. To put it simply, an airport transfer service works much like a taxi does. They pick you up from the airport and take you to your destination without the need to wait around for buses or trains. On the whole, airport transfer services work out better than taxis because:

  • Airport transfer drivers will have your flight information and track it, meaning that if you arrive early or late, they will adjust their schedule to fit around your flight times. This means no waiting around for your ride to show up and a simple ‘get in and go’ process.
  • You will be assigned a driver that speaks your language. While this might not be imperative in your mind, it will make getting from A to B a much easier process for everyone involved.
  • If you have any last minute change of plans regarding your travel, including a flight change or even another person added into your party, you’re able to adjust your needs with your transfer service 24 hours a day. With Welcome Pickups, you can make changes for free!
  • There are no hidden charges for the service. You pay a flat rate of 35€ and arrive at your destination faster than any other option available. No night fees, and no extra for peak times which means you’ll always know what you’re spending.

As you can see, there are a plethora of options when it comes to grabbing a pick-up from Barcelona airport to the city. However, we think you’ll agree that an airport transfer service is not only convenient but also time and money efficient too. Most importantly, have a nice trip!