Best Activities to Pass the Time

person at home covered in a blanket with a laptop and a glass of wine

There are really days when you need to stay at home. It can be due to bad weather, an epidemic, or an unexpected event happening outdoors. Staying at home for a few days might be relaxing for some people, especially those who have been so busy at work. It can be a time for them … Read more

5 Advantages of Going Bed at Consistent Time

You all live to see another day. And with that, you must have enough sleep. While you were growing, your teachers, parents, and even pediatricians were telling you that rest is suitable for your growth. Now you have become old, and making enough income is what you are thinking about. By overdoing that, you tend … Read more

Who Invented Modern Clock?

Who Invented Modern Clock

Since 3,500 BC, clocks have helped us measure and show time and since then we have been measuring it in different ways with the use of candle clocks, sundials, water clocks, and hourglasses. And today, we use a base-60 time system which means there is a 60-minute and 60-second increment clock. But did you know … Read more

How to Minimize the Effects of Jet Lag

How to Minimize the Effects of Jet Lag

Jet lag is a short-term condition that happens when our body’s internal clock is disturbed due to traveling across several time zones. Whether we travel for work or for fun, jet lag can be a real struggle and it can turn our flight of fancy into a one-way ticket to exhaustion. Some of the most … Read more

What Does AM and PM Stand for?

Some countries use the 12-hour time format including the United States. This clock format also includes the abbreviations, AM and PM. Before the modern era, the only way to tell the time is by the sun’s position. Now, we are using digital clocks to track our daily activities, as well as to save time. So, … Read more