Sleeping Pills – Do They Work?

Do sleeping pills really work

There are times in everybody’s lives where sleeping seems absolutely impossible and a little bit of artificial help would help you get back in the natural sleeping cycle. You could experience insomnia due to physical or mental stress. You could also experience insomnia by consuming nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine in excess. Simply changing your lifestyle … Read more

What Is Insomnia And How Can I Treat It?

What is insomnia and how can I treat it

Many individuals confuse insomnia with sleeping sickness. Insomnia is not a disease but just symptoms of lack of sleep. Sleeping for shorter periods of time, failing to sleep immediately after getting a sleep interruption, failure to sleep immediately after going to bed are all symptoms of insomnia. There are usually three categories of insomnia all … Read more

Recent Sleep News – Sleeping Facts Revealed

Important sleeping facts revealed

Studies have been carried out to link deprivation of sleep with cancer, heart diseases, and also obesity development. Scary figures have been released that show that over five million people across the globe are affected by insomnia. In regard to obesity causing deprivation of sleep, depriving mild sleep can result in disruption of leptin and … Read more