Choosing the Best Alarm Clock

A modern digital alarm clock

Alarm clocks and their usage is decreasing day by day as people now rely on their smartphones to wake them up. Many people nowadays feel incomplete if they don’t have a smartphone with them. But what they don’t realize is that keeping a phone on the nightstand closer to the head and … Read more

Why Do We Sometimes Wake Up Right Before The Alarm?

Why do we sometimes wake up right before the alarm

Let’s admit it; we all need help, and sometimes a little coaxing, to wake up every morning. Well, for some, it’s the rather annoying sound of an alarm, while others; it’s the undesirable coercion by a loved one. Either way, there are just those weird times when you instinctively wake up right … Read more

Online Alarm Clocks – An Innovation of the Era

Online Alam Clock

Alarm clocks, as we know, are designed as a reminder for people at a set specified time. Mainly used to wake people up from sleep, the use alarm clocks have risen over the past many years. Let’s have a look from where it started and where is it right now. Clocks and … Read more

How Did People Wake Up Before Modern Alarm Clocks?

How Did People Wake Up Before Modern Alarm Clocks?

The need to know exactly what time it is or to be sure you arrive on time is an ancient one.  In our modern society, it’s hard to imagine not knowing the current time and when the next appointment is and if you’re going to be on time or not.  Knowing the … Read more