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G2 Sportswear worked closely with sports professionals to design the G2 PowerPro 2-in-1 foam roller system.

✔ New injection moulding technology
✔ Portable + Lightweight
✔ Hard-wearing, durable + easy to use
✔ Deepest myofascial-release massage available
✔ 100% money back guarantee!

Myofascial Release (or self-massage) is recommended for exercise or lifestyle-related muscle tension + soreness, and its benefits include: -

✔ Increased oxygen flow
✔ Eliminate lactic acid
✔ Work at the intensity that suits you
✔ Quick + safe warmup + recovery

The G2 PowerPro gives you the option of a firm trigger-point outer roller and a smooth + soft inner roller.

The contoured outer roller is perfect for: -
✔ Sports massage
✔ Warm up/down before/after exercise
✔ Soothing tight/sore muscles
✔ Releasing painful trigger points

The soft inner roller is perfect for: -
✔ Foam roller beginners
✔ Treats Compartment Syndrome
✔ Neck + lumbar massage
✔ Improving flexibility, stability, balance + core strength

Because we want you to get the most out of your foam rolling system, we provide you with A BONUS 'Eat Fit Guide' for eating whilst training

PLUS a comprehensive + easy to follow 17 page foam rolling exercise E-Book to show you how to foam roll correctly + safely

The G2 'PowerPro' really is the most complete and versatile 2-in-1 foam rolling system on the market, so order yours today!

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