Recent Sleep News – Sleeping Facts Revealed

Studies have been carried out to link deprivation of sleep with cancer, heart diseases, and also obesity development. Scary figures have been released that show that over five million people across the globe are affected by insomnia. In regard to obesity causing deprivation of sleep, depriving mild sleep can result in disruption of leptin and ghrelin which are responsible for regulating the appetite. Lack of enough sleep can also lead to the release of substances in the circulation system which could increase the chances of inflammation that is mainly associated with diabetes, heart diseases, breast cancer, and colon cancer.

Not all experts agreed with these findings. They have propounded that there is no direct relationship with the health issues and the sleeping problems and the problem is as a cause of other totally different factors. This has led them to invest more in the research to get to the root cause of insomnia.

Bad News

According to health experts, the lack of sleep might be an alarm to serious problems. A study that was recently carried out in the Harvard school of medicine showed that among the eighty-two thousand nurses employed, those who sleep fewer than six hours have higher chances of dying young.

How About Pills?

One of the most commonly used remedies for sleeping disorders is usually the use of pills. Studies have shown that over two billion dollars are spent annually to purchase the pills. Some of the popular sleeping pills include Sonata, Lunesta and Ambien. Even though these pills are not addictive, the medics have said that the drugs have not been used for a long time and there is more research that needs to be done.

A popular sleeping aid that is in use currently on the market is Melatonin. The drug has not received approval from the FDA but according to the people who have used it, it has proven to work. One should ensure that they take pure MMelatonin and in the right dosage. It should be taken about an hour before one goes to bed.

Is there Good News?

There has been introduced a drug that therapy which works to cure sleeping disorders as a result of depression, stress, or any psychological problems. The therapy used is referred to as cognitive behavior and has shown some good results. A result carried out on the patients of the therapy showed that after the therapy, patients tend to sleep faster than those who have taken Ambien.

The therapy involves training the patients on the way they should calm their bodies and mind. It also teaches on the way thought patterns lead to sleeping disorders. The other therapies usually give restrictions to the amount of time that individuals should sleep. The main aim is to help the patient to get six hours of good sleep rather than extended hours of poor sleep.

Getting Powerful Sleep

It is usually better to get powerful sleep at night. When one gets to bed, they should catch sleep fast and sleep deeply. They should be up after six to seven hours feeling refreshed. This means that there would be no need for rolling in the bed for over eight hours without sleep.