Post Viral Fatigue Treatment

Post viral fatigue is an indefinite period of exhaustion recorded in patients straight after they’ve recovered from a virus.

Post viral fatigue is no joke because it renders people unable to complete even the smallest task. Most are confined to their bedrooms and even walking down the stairs can cause breathlessness, tiredness, joint pain, lack of energy and headaches. It will not just vanish, and if untreated Post Viral Syndrome will persist for many years. Muddying the waters further is that there’s no agreed upon post viral fatigue treatment. So, I’m going to go through some of the main post viral fatigue treatments that are on offer. So if you want to stop tiredness and stop fatigue then read on.

Post Viral Fatigue Treatment  – The Homeopathic Method

Some people don’t like doctors and hospitals so they seek out cures beyond those offered by the medical establishment. Many of these are useless but some turn out to be the medical breakthroughs of the future. One of the more successful homeopathic post viral fatigue treatments is Lactic Acid.

Lactic Acid 101

When the body is doing work it is using up energy. To create energy the body sends masses of oxygen to its muscles. But only a certain amount can be created in a certain time-frame. So if you’re requiring more energy than that which can be created, then the body converts Glucose into Lactic Acid. When you Sprinting and lifting heavy weights, you’re creating Lactic Acid because the work to too strenuous for the body to accomplish on mere Oxygen creation alone. Lactic Acid gives you a spurt of energy.


Patients with post viral fatigue have been given 200cc’s of Lactic Acid in three separate doses and they’ve been noticing a significant decrease in their fatigue. No more lack of energy, no more constant tiredness. Call it greasing the wheels. Lactic Acid gives you a huge energy boost, as does Phosphoric Acid since they are both parts of the Lacticum family.

Dr. Lerner and the Antiviral approach

Dr. Martin Lerner is a world-renowned medical practitioner who is best known for his work on chronic fatigue syndrome and post-viral fatigue syndrome. He estimates that 28.3 percent of all those suffering from post-viral fatigue are actually suffering from Epstein Barr virus ( Mono). Doctors will diagnose post viral fatigue only in the absence of any other cause of excessive tiredness after a virus. Lerner explains that doctors won’t find Epstein Barr in any of their patients eventually diagnosed with post viral fatigue, because it’s present in such low levels that it won’t show up on a DNA or PCR test. But Epstein Barr is there, tucked away in cells much like the HIV virus. He found the presence of Epstein Barr in 50% of patients by searching the body at microscopic Cellular level. So Dr. Lerner recommends the most common Epstein Barr treatment which is antivirals.

Vitamins and Pacing

In a minority of cases, a simple cure is to just combine pacing, with lots of vitamins. Pacing means going slower and planning your day out so that you can predict difficulties ahead of time and react to them in a much more relaxed way than usual. So it’s not just about conserving physical energy, it’s also about conserving emotional energy for your recovery. The Vitamins will boost your immune system at a time when it may be depleted. A good choice for a supplement is Balance of Nature to get the vitamins you need. Try it.

Graded Exercise therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy:

Graded Exercise Therapy

For the vast majority of patients, vitamins and pacing simply won’t cut it. They need a more rigorous plan and Graded Exercise Therapy is prescribed. It’s difficult because it involves patience but it has proven to be very effective both as a post viral fatigue treatment and as a treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome. It’s about building a level of stamina, so you start your exercise regime with something small like lifting up a Tin Can. Then slowly over time it’s gets harder until you’re walking a mile. then 2 miles. You’re coaching your body gradually back to your former levels of energy. GET is also helpful in treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Usually coupled with Graded Exercise Therapy, is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This will require you to attend counseling sessions. Your therapist will analyze how you make decisions and how you react to events. These will be talked through in great detail and it’s much the same type of therapy as that given the patients post heart attack. You’ll work on finding a calmer inner self so that you’re using less energy on a daily basis. It’s more in-depth than pacing and everything you do in your life will be looked at with your therapist outlining ways in which you can conserve energy. It’s also recommended that you change your diet radically so that you’re eating fruits and vegetables as well as high protein foods.

Reverse Therapy

Not exactly scientific but it can work. Reverse Therapy is the theory that post viral fatigue is caused by the brain and body going on strike. The strike was caused by the system becoming overwhelmed and then it breaks down. A breakdown like this can happen to anybody at any time and you don’t need to be consciously unhappy with life for it to occur. Basically you’ve come to a point where the ‘bodymind’ as proponents of Reverse Therapy call it, has chosen to shut down. The pain you are feeling is considered a cry for help from the body and the solution is to become more balanced. You’re encouraged to identify trigger points. Points at which the body experiences discomfort and then to eliminate them from your life.


Final thoughts

The trouble with post viral fatigue is that you could ask three health professionals about treatment and you’d get three different answers. The fact is that for some people pacing and vitamins will work. For others, Cognitive therapy and Graded Exercise will work. Yet more people will benefit from Antivirals and Lactic Acid. Although it sounds crazy, Reverse therapy has worked wonders for some patients. So it’s about finding the best treatment for you. Thank you for reading.