Overcoming Lethargy – Baby Steps First

Lethargy is like weight gain. Some people are prone to bouts of it for their entire lives. Others suffer from it once or twice. But whether lethargy is something you’re new to feeling, or if it’s something you’ve had to deal with your entire life, you’ll be happy to know that there is a cure. Yes, overcoming lethargy is possible. Even more than that, it’s highly probable in a short space of time providing you make a few lifestyle changes. So there’s some hard work ahead, but if you want to stop tiredness and stop fatigue for good, then that should be the impetus you need to put the work in. Are you ready to start the process of overcoming lethargy? Then I’ll begin

Rule Number One for overcoming lethargy – Get some Quality Sleep.

I know what you’re thinking. Sleep has already occurred to you as a cure for constant tiredness. And perhaps you’re getting your usual 8 hours and you’re still not overcoming lethargy. But wait. Experts like me don’t think of sleep in terms of time spent on the pillow. We think of sleep in terms of quality rather than quantity. And, lack of QUALITY sleep is the leading cause of lethargy.

Basic Lesson in Sleep

Here are the 3 stages. Stage one is called Somnolence or NREM1, and it’s characterized by a slowing of brain activity down to 4.7ghz of brain waves. Physically you’ll be unconscious but your body isn’t getting any rest yet and your eyes will be rolling around. Stage two is called NREM2 and the brain slows further along with a slowing of muscle activity. You’re still not getting any rest but you’re now unable to respond to sounds and other activity in the room unless they’re really loud. Stage three is named NREM3 and it’s actual sleep in the sense that you’re getting rest. You’ll now not even respond to changes in temperature as well as loud sounds. The amount of stage three sleep you get each night is the amount of rest you’re getting. So, it doesn’t matter if you sleep ten hours because if you only get 1 hour NREM3 then you’re going to wake up exhausted. Ever wonder how some of your friends can sleep through lightning storms? It’s because they’re lucky enough to jump straight into NREM3 and remain there most of the night.


Yes, fortunately, all the cures for lethargy will help you sleep better too. So see below:

Eat Well

No, I don’t mean having a burger and some chips and then thinking to yourself about how nice it tasted. But burgers aren’t banned either. I wouldn’t do that to you. But you do need to eat foods with lots of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. The best foods in this category are called Super Foods. These include Blueberries, Chocolate, Oily fish, Broccoli, Beetroot, Garlic, and Wheatgrass. Yes, I really did put chocolate in there. It’s a superfood because it’s rich in Antioxidants and Phosphorus. Antioxidants clean the body out of bacteria, and Phosphorus gives you energy as well as killing viruses. But don’t eat just chocolate because it’s also full of sugar. Generally, if it’s green you should eat it, and some chocolate. Here is a list of the best foods to overcome lethargy.

More of that lovely green stuff
Green Tea

Lots of Antioxidants and you can also use it to faze out lethargy and sleep public enemy number one, Coffee. Have Green Tea instead before bed.


But won’t that drain me of more energy? I hear you say. Yes, in the short term, but it also involves a lot of heavy breathing so you’re flooding the body with much-needed Oxygen which creates energy inside the body. To stop tiredness and to stop fatigue exercise is the key. As well as overcoming lethargy you might just live longer too. Not a bad deal!!!! But here’s more. You’ll look better naked. Ok, get off that treadmill because there’s even more than that… Exercise releases happiness chemicals like Serotonin, and Dopamine into your brain. So you’ll be a happier person, who looks good naked, lives longer, and isn’t constantly tired. Thumbs up!!!!!

Drink Water

For overcoming lethargy water is vital. You may not like the taste of water, but your body loves it. It’s actually 60% made out of the water. So if you’re serious about overcoming lethargy you’ll drink 2 liters a day. Water increases your energy. So no more lack of energy. It also increases your metabolism and you’ll lose weight too all from drinking water. It’s a body’s petrol. Fill that tank.

Inspire Yourself

Sometimes overcoming lethargy is about doing things that provoke action and excitement. Set goals and aim for the stars. Studies have proven that happy goal-oriented people sleep better and are less tired during the day. Maybe what you’ve been doing is boring and you’ve lost your sense of self-empowerment. I told you in section one on Sleep, that the key to overcoming lethargy was about stage three ‘dreaming’ sleep. Set goals and dream during the day and you might find yourself dreaming during the night.

Get Moving

While I’d recommend New York City, I’m not suggesting you move house. I’m saying that on top of exercise, eating the right foods, cutting out Coffee, inspiring yourself and drinking water, you could also spend more time on your feet. Do you sit down alot? Sitting down ruins the circulation which inhibits oxygen movement around the body. So you become tired and sleepy all the time. You’ll suffer from a lack of energy. Walking is better for the circulation because it allows Oxygen to flow freely and it’ll help you sleep and reduce your lethargy.


Ever hear sportspeople talking about how they never had any doubts about winning? Many top sportspeople sit down before a game and close their eyes, picturing themselves doing exactly what they set out to do. Scoring that touchdown, getting runs, or hitting the back of that net. They don’t just do that for fun. they do it because confidence comes from putting yourself in a place where everything you need to do has already been done. You’ve already pictured yourself doing it. You know you can do it. Sit down at the start of the day and envision what YOU can accomplish, then go out there and succeed. You’ll be happier, more content with your position and more confident. The adrenaline rush from this will help you in overcoming lethargy.

Final Thoughts

Pick up a nice glass of water and think about what I’ve been saying. Do some research on your own if you like. You’ll find that overcoming lethargy is as simple as making a few alterations to your lifestyle. As far as the diet goes don’t think of it as eating boring broccoli while watching tv. Get up, inspire yourself with new healthy recipes for meals you can astound yourself with. And eat some chocolate too if it does get a little hard. Now drink some more water. You see, you’re making the first change already. While you’re drinking, picture yourself getting up tomorrow and achieving a goal. No matter how small; it could be jogging around the block. But do it. Cut out that Coffee, drink Green Tea before bed instead and exercise. You’ll find yourself overcoming lethargy and sleeping better too. Thank you for reading.