Neuro Sleep Nutritional Supplement Drink Review

I happened to find Neuro Sleep while recently shopping for groceries. I had never seen this product before and I thought I would give it a try, since I have trouble sleeping at night. Neuro Sleep is a nutritional supplement drink that contains five dietary ingredients to help with sleep. These five ingredients are melatonin, L-theanine, magnesium, 5-HTP and taurine.

The drink comes in a 14.5 oz fancy orange bottle and it tastes like a mixture of orange and tangerine to me. Although I do not like taking high doses of melatonin, or taking it for a long period of time, I will occasionally take it when I really need sleep for the night. So, I decided to drink this beverage and see how it worked. I bought a few bottles to test it out.

Neuro Sleep helped me to fall asleep within a half hour. Normally, I can be awake for over an hour, trying to fall asleep. I felt as though I had a restful sleep when I woke up, but I woke up only four hours after drinking it. I had to go to the bathroom. I was awake for another hour or so and surprisingly, I was able to drift back off to sleep for a few more hours until it was time to wake up.

Usually, I am up for hours at a time during the night. I felt that Neuro Sleep really helped me to get a more restful, longer sleep. I actually didn’t feel groggy in the morning either, which I sometimes do when I take melatonin supplements alone. I was satisfied with how Neuro Sleep worked. So, I decided to try it again a for a few nights, when I was wide awake at night and having trouble falling asleep.

The next few times trying Neuro Sleep did not work as well as the first. However, it did help me to fall asleep for a few hours and I felt that it was a pretty restful sleep. I woke up to use the bathroom and then had trouble going back to sleep for about two hours. However, I did eventually fall back to sleep again, and I got an extra couple hours sleep, which I usually have trouble doing. I did wake up a few times within those couple hours though, but kept falling back to sleep again.

It is definitely worth it to me to try this drink again when I need to fall asleep. It seems to do a great job at helping me fall asleep and have a few hours of restful sleep. That is something I can not do without taking any type of supplement. I think this drink makes me go to the bathroom more too. Right after I take it, I strongly feel the urge to go and then I have to go again in the middle of the night. That may be another reason why I stay awake for awhile.

If you wish to try Neuro Sleep, it is sold for roughly around $2.49 bottle or possibly a little more at other stores. It can be a little expensive, if you buy a few bottles, but for me, it is worth it if it helps me to get better sleep. This drink is also claimed to promote feelings of well being and support a healthy mental function. I’m not sure if I experienced this yet, but I do know that the next day, I feel a little more optimistic and motivated to do things when I drink Neuro Sleep the night before.

Making sure you’re getting the proper nutrition can also help with getting a good night’s sleep. Balance of Nature makes a whole food nutrition supplement that may be worth checking out.