Maximizing Your Winnings At Slots With One Simple Strategy

Online slots have become so popular that they are now the number 1 revenue creator for the gambling industry. Despite a recent move to more complex games, slots are still extremely easy to play and this has always been part of their appeal. They come free of the rules and restrictions of table games and your fate lies entirely in the hands of random spins. Since slots went digital, it is impossible to discover a winning formula because every spin is randomly generated by an RNG. This is better known as the Random Number Generator that is basically a microchip that generates numbers all the time. It’s these number sequences that generate the spins and therefore your luck is at the mercy of this generator creating winning or losing spin number sequences. However, you can aid your cause of winning with a simple strategy that works on the top10 slots we know.

Bonus Rounds

Any experienced slots player will tell you that most of your winnings come from bonus rounds. Sometimes bonus rounds can be extremely profitable and other times they can contain a series of empty spins. This is more the case for bonus rounds that contain free games. However, the good thing about most bonus rounds is that they can retrigger giving you more chances of hitting decent winning spins. A simple strategy would be to play slots that contain the best bonus rounds.

The Best Bonuses

Look out for slots that offer a generous number of free spins and if all winnings are greeted with a set or increasing multiplier, then even better. Cleopatra offers 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier and this bonus can be retriggered again and again.

Multilayered bonuses can also help and games like King Kong Cash have different bonuses. You can even choose to gamble your bonus away for a better bonus. If you lose you are rewarded with a mystery cash prize. The ultimate bonus on this game along with others like Ted is the Big Money Bonus. With these rounds you can win up to 500x your stake.

Random Bonus Features

Then there are those features that are triggered randomly and are not part of the bonuses. Immortal Romance and Thunderstruck II are world famous slots. These slots are also popular because of a feature that can be triggered during any spin. This involves entire reels turning wild and it is possible for all 5 reels to go and this would land wins of over 12,000x your stake. 

A Perfect Combination

Do your research and look into playing a slot that not only has a decent bonus round, or a variety of bonuses, but also has a high RTP. This is also know as the Return To Player percentage and those that score high are the slots to play, as they are the most generous and most likely to give you a decent percentage of your wagering back in the form of winnings. 1429 Uncharted Seas is one such slot with a high RTP.