Is Hemp Chapstick Easy Day Safe for Me and My Family to Use?

If you’ve considered using hemp chapstick Easy Day as a treatment for sore or dry lips, but have been put off by the fact that it’s made from the cannabis plant, this blog is one you have to read. CBD still has a bad rep in some quarters, but that’s only because those who think that haven’t looked into the subject sufficiently to know otherwise.

In this blog, we look at exactly why it is that you should not worry at all about the safety aspect of using CBD products. Hemp chapstick Easy Day is a product that is hugely beneficial to lip comfort and health and we’d hate for anyone to miss out because of incorrect information.

Hemp Chapstick Easy Day Will Absolutely Not Make You High

Contrary to what some people think, not all products made from the cannabis plant have hallucinogenic qualities. CBD products are quite different because they have all but a tiny fraction of the THC they contain removed during the extraction process. THC (short for Tetrahydrocannabidiol) is the element in the cannabis plant that causes the ‘high’ you get when you smoke it.

Hemp Products are Part of a Heavily Regulated Industry

Another reason why you should feel assured of a safe experience when using hemp chapstick Easy Day or any CBD products is that in order to be sold in the United States, they have to meet the strict criteria set down by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). This means that if CBD products are marketed as not containing THC, that needs to be 100% true or they simply can’t be sold.

Hemp Chapstick Easy Day is Safer than the Traditional Types

Not only is CBD lip balm as safe as traditional types of lip balm, but we’d go as far as to say that it’s even safer than traditional types. That’s because good quality CBD products are all-natural and don’t contain any of the chemicals you’ll find in non-CBD lip balms. Not only that but CBD chapsticks treat the problem, rather than the symptoms, so you should find your lips stay healthier for longer.

Hemp Chapstick Easy Day for Healthier, More Comfortable Lips

Chapstick made from CBD is not only safe, but it’s more effective than the chemical-based lip balms you’ll find at your local drug store. So, in answer to the title question, yes, hemp chapstick Easy Day is safe for use by you and your family. As part of a heavily regulated industry, they wouldn’t be able to sell in the US if it wasn’t.

If reading this blog has piqued your interest and you’d like to try some hemp chapstick for yourself, you should head to their website today. They’re a Navy SEAL owned and operated company too, so you know that the high standards they’re associated with, make it into each and every one of their products.