Illegal to Sleep Naked in Minnesota – and More Weird Laws

Did you know it is illegal to sleep naked in Minnesota? If you live in Minnesota and didn’t know, you may have already broken that law many times. Yes, laws are great. They help organize messy human society. We know we are supposed to respect and follow the laws. What do you do if the laws themselves are just plain ridiculous to the point where it made you think that even ordinary folks like us can run the government just as smoothly? Politicians are hard at work to make these weird laws. Unfortunately, they were actually serious. Here are some other weird laws you should (although you do not want to) follow.

1. Salem, Virginia: “It’s illegal to leave home without knowing where you’re going.”

– It is also the law here to own a GPS or similar direction guidance device.

2. Tempe, Arizona: “You may drink alcohol in a city park, but only if the park is three acres or larger.”

– hmm…they are right, you should never drink alone, because the more the merrier.

3. California: “You can possess one bear gallbladder, but not two.”

– Is that because possessing two bear gallbladders looks weirder than one?

4. Kentucky: “It is illegal for politicians to give away booze on Election Day.”

– It should not be even mentioned, because we all know they might have already broken this law many times; just look at their ridiculous list of laws.

5. Maine: “You may not catch a lobster with your bare hands.”

– But it is legal if you are trying to snatch it with your bare feet!

6. Nevada: “Funeral directors are to be arrested for cursing in the presence of a dead body.”

– Maybe someone watched too many movies about the rising of the dead.

7. Washington D.C.: “It’s against the law to marry your mother-in-law.”

– They do have a point here, especially if you already have children with your wife. It is very hard to explain this situation to your children.

8. Detroit, Chicago: “A man is prohibited to scowl at his wife on a Sunday.”

– Why Sunday? We thought a man is always prohibited to scowl at his wife 24/7, 365 days a year. That is her job.

9. Carmel, California: “You need a permit to wear high-heeled shoes.”

– High-heeled shoes can be quite deadly as a weapon! I can imagine the shoe advertisement on television in Carmel would have small print below saying, “Please obtain a permit before wearing.”

10. Huntsville, Alabama: “You may not move your bed without a permit.”

– Even if it is for feng-shui purposes?

11. Stockton, California: “It’s illegal to wiggle while you dance.”

– You can jump up straight and down, step back and forth, wave your arms, but you cannot wiggle your hips. Now that is dancing! It is possible that the politicians who made this law were also against the popular TV show “The Wiggles.”

12. Chico, California: “Exploding an atomic bomb is punishable by a $500 fine.”

– It is an atomic bomb, not a firecracker. We wonder why no one has attempted to break this law yet since it is only $500 fine. The bomb would only cost about $23 billion dollars to make.

13. Paulding, Ohio. “It’s legal for a police officer to bite a dog.”

– Maybe biting the dog will quiet him.

14. Jonesboro, Georgia. “It’s against the law to say, “Oh, boy.”

– Oh boy, this is a tough one.

15. Chicago, Illinois. “It’s against the law for ‘exceedingly ugly’ people to appear in public.”

– What if the police officers themselves are exceeding ugly? Apparently, there are plenty of people who have broken this law.

16. Arizona. “Donkeys may not, by law, sleep in bathtubs.”

– No comments. This is just a waste of paper and ink.

So there you go, now that you know you are not supposed to be naked in bed as soon as you cross the border into Minnesota, it means you are a good citizen. Enjoy not breaking these laws if you happen to live in these areas.