How To Overcome Fear Of Fatigue

If you suffer from this horrible condition then you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to be letting you in on how to overcome the fear of fatigue by giving you the treatment options.

Fear of Fatigue, also known as Kopophobia is the fear of becoming mentally or physically tired. Patients commonly feel as if they’re on their last ebb and if asked for something which might require exertion, they become overwhelmed and highly stressed. It is a terrible condition that forces sufferers into a corner where they miss out on any enjoyment in life. Even simple things like going to the park with the children can be off limits. If untreated it can worsen until every aspect of the sufferer’s life is affected. I’m going to be discussing some possible cures for fear of fatigue but first of all the symptoms:

Symptoms of Kopophobia

You’ll believe that any form of fatigue is your worst enemy and you’ll present with one of these symptoms

    1. Headaches
    2. Trembling
    3. Anxiety
    4. Nausea
    5. Crying
    6. Loss of Control

You’ll also have an urge to flee any situation where you might be asked to exert yourself.


Exposure Therapy

You’ll work with a therapist and they’ll help you set up scenario’s in your life where you’ll be exposed to your fears. First, you’ll work with the therapist to produce a fear hierarchy. This is a top ten of your worst fears. Like for example, being asked to walk over a mile might be high on your list. Or, being taken on a camping trip, might be high also. Once you’ve got your hierarchy done you’ll begin exposing yourself to those fears, starting with the first and least fearful item. You’ll be exposing yourself to that fear over and over again until your panic lessons. Then you move forward onto the next fear until you’re overcoming your worst fear. This is a common method of how to overcome the fear of fatigue and it’s very effective. You’ll need to be brave initially thought.

Habit Strategies

This is something you can work on yourself without the need for a therapist. Habit strategies are ways of coping with fear. Your typical response to being put into situations where you might become fatigued has been to panic. This is training yourself into naturally producing a positive and calm response to tasks that might result in fatigue. You start with meditation which helps you control your breathing and then you’ll learn muscle relaxation. Practice breathing through your nose and out through your mouth at night. Think positive thoughts about experiences you had before your condition got bad while you’re doing this. Learn to put yourself in a situation of complete relaxation then apply this method to your fears. Go for a walk and when you feel the urge to flee. When your deep panic sets in. Stop, close your eyes and work your way back into that relaxed state.

Talk Therapy

This is a situation where you’ll talk through your fears in a one to one session with a therapist. The therapist will then ask you to write down exactly what you feel at a time when you’re overwhelmed with fear. Therapists have different methods but the end result is one in which you begin to find rational ways with which to persuade yourself to conquer them.

Group Therapy

Roughly the same situation is Talk therapy. Group therapy isn’t one to one. You’ll get together with your therapist and other patients who suffer from this condition. Then you’ll together discuss ways of how to overcome the fear of fatigue.


This was for a long time thought of as inadequate and beneath what constitutes ideal therapy. Giant strides have been made and now it’s one of the most effective methods of how to overcome the fear of fatigue. There was a recent study from Stanford University which proved that certain areas of the brain become more active during hypnosis. Your therapist will infuse your enlightened mind with strategies and methods to combat your fear so that you may not react in the same way as you used to. People who are afraid of heights have skydived after hypnosis. It’s a manually re-wiring of the brains functions for new endeavors.

What you Shouldn’t Do

Pop a pill. There are many different pills that have been created to calm and relax patients, but by taking a pill, you’re not learning how to overcome the fear of fatigue. Instead, you’re avoiding the solution to your problem.

Final Thoughts

The point of all this is that hope is not dead. There are many different therapies for fear of fatigue and all you need to do is to choose the right one for you. If Habit Strategies don’t work then you’re going to need to find a therapist so there is a cost involved. Cost is really the only thing preventing you from overcoming your fears. Find the money and I promise you it’ll be worth it. Thank you for reading.