How To Overcome Fatigue From Stress

Fatigue and tiredness are just one of the many problems that are caused by stress. Here are some tips on managing stress.

Stress is a killer. Some people think experts like me just say stuff like that for no reason. But, to reiterate, stress is an actual real-life killer. Stress-related conditions claim the lives of more people each year than car crashes and house fires. If left untreated, it can result in various heart-related disorders and the constant fatigue commonly associated with stress causes serious accidents as well as suicides. These secondary ramifications are why you need to act now before your stress escalates. It’s ok. Don’t panic. You’ve read a lot of disquieting words here. But I’m going to help. I’m going to be teaching you both how to manage your stress and how to overcome fatigue from stress. So you’re going to get the full treatment. Read carefully so that you understand all of the information and most of all – breath. Relax while you’re reading this because help is at hand.

Tip 1 – Identify The Source

What has happened in your life recently to make you feel anxious? Identifying the source of your stress won’t immediately stop your constant tiredness, but it will begin the process of removing that and other symptoms of stress from your life. If you have a toxic relationship then you have to make a call about what stage you need to call it a day. Is it worth the effect that the relationship is having on your life? If your job is making you stressed, Can you take a break? Even if it’s just for two days a break can be beneficial. Can you do less? Can you delegate responsibility more?

Identify the source and work the problem in a rational way. Pardon the pun but I can’t stress that enough. Stress produces irrational thought and this way of thinking produces bad decisions which worsen the situation that made you stressed in the first place. Sit down and think rationally about how to remove yourself from your situation or at least improve the way you think about your situation. You’ll quickly find out that dealing with your stress is the best way of how to overcome fatigue from stress.

Ok, so now most of you have identified the source of your stress, and you’re in two groups:

  1.  Those who can remove themselves from their stressful situation
  2. Those who are stuck in their situation whether they like it or not. This would be stuff like money worries or fatalities in the family.

Whatever group you’re in, you’re going to find the following tips to be extremely helpful.

Tip 2 – Hitting both the stress and your fatigue from stress between the eyes

Ever wondered why some people in your situation don’t get stressed and so don’t need to learn how to overcome fatigue from stress? It’s because stress is a reaction and you’re prone to a more negative conscious and unconscious psychological reaction. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and we use it to train your body into producing natural positive responses. The success rate is 80% meaning that after a week of doing this 80% of you will feel happier so you’ll spend less mental energy worrying. You’ll feel less anxious and less tired even if the situation causing your stress hasn’t changed.

Step One

Tap both sides of your head with your index fingers. Close your eyes while you’re doing this

Step Two

Hold your fingers there and think of your situation in the worst possible light.

Step Three

Voice out loud a positive affirmation like “Even though I feel deep resentment and anger towards my sister, on a deeper level, I completely accept myself and my actions” Your vocal response has to be specific to your situation.

Do this for 10 minutes and 80% of you will find that during the course of your day when you think about your problems, you’ll begin to naturally ooze positivity. You’ve re-wired your brain into reacting in a different way. This is an amazing method of how to overcome fatigue from stress and stress itself. Producing an immediate and rational positive response, lowers the heart rate and creates Dopamine and Serotonin in the brain which will make you feel more relaxed. You’re calmer, more considered and you’re ready to move forward.

Tip Three – Furthering your calmer mental state

Use Meditation or Yoga. Now I’m not talking about going off and joining a country retreat for a few weeks. You can do this in your home. Sit down, and breath deeply through the nose and out of your mouth. Do that for five minutes and then close your eyes. Take yourself to a place you loved as a child. Remember a time when you felt absolutely relaxed. See it. Envision that time inside your head and stay there. Add detail with every session. Finish with the breathing exercises. Not only will this improve your circulation but it’ll also emotionally balance you, lower your blood pressure and calm your heart beat. It’s a great way of how to overcome fatigue from stress.

Tip Four – Family and Friends

Tell people you love and can trust about your situation. Tell them you’re taking action to improve it but in the meantime, you need some help. You need some weight taken off so that you can reverse your constant tiredness and lack of energy. Can someone take the kids to school for you? Can someone do the shopping for you? Can the kids and your spouse pitch in more at home? This method of how to overcome fatigue from stress is called pacing. We use it for patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but you can use it too. Reduce the pace of your life in as many areas as you can by relying on friends and family to take some of the burdens off.

Tip Five – Sleep Schedule

If you feel tired and sleepy all the time, your quality of sleep is probably pretty bad. That’s understandable given your anxious situation. But you need to get back to restful sleeping. Go to bed at the same time every night. Get up at the same time. Don’t drink Coffee within two hours before bed and avoid Alcohol. These are stimulants which might not keep you awake but they’ll prevent you from reaching the third and deepest stage of sleep called NREM3. You’re resetting your sleep clock here to stop tiredness and stop fatigue. And, you’re changing your lifestyle habits so that they’re more conducive to restful sleep. Doing Meditation or Yoga before bed would be a perfect time.

Tip Six – Watch Comedy

Laughter releases more of those happiness chemicals we talked about in tip two. Chemicals like: Serotonin and Dopamine. These have the physical effect of reducing brain activity which reduces stress levels and harmonizes your emotional state. Laughter is good for the soul and it’s the most fun way of how to overcome fatigue from stress.

Tip Seven – Drink Water

I say this to everyone who consults me on how to overcome fatigue from stress. Water is the most effective method of hydration and a leading cause of fatigue is dehydration. Dehydration not only makes you tired but it also worsens your stress. Drink five glasses a day and many of your symptoms associated with stress like headaches, joint pain and fatigue will just vanish.

Final Thoughts

I’m trying to lead you into a situation where you have an improved life balance, on both the mental and physical sides. I’m teaching you how to react differently to situations so that your responses are increasingly rational and therefore conducive to solving life’s problems. We’re hitting your fatigue and your stress directly by identifying the source and rewiring the brain to respond in a less destructive and more self-affirming way. You’re furthering this by practicing Yoga or Meditation. And, you’re attacking your inner physical symptoms by drinking more water and getting yourself into a better sleep pattern. In short, this is how to overcome fatigue from stress by attacking from all angles at once. Try this and you’ll notice major improvement. Thank you for reading.