How Do You Choose a Boom Truck for Your Business?

A construction business requires its equipment to always be of the highest quality to assure safety and efficiency. As a commercial business owner, you need to choose the best boom trucks.

A boom truck can be a great help for your business to deliver quality service to your clients. It is why you should hold your criteria to the highest standard to ensure that the boom truck you are purchasing is the best that is available in the market.

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What Is a Boom Truck?

A boom truck is a type of heavy equipment that features a rotating telescopic or articulating boom crane mounted on the chassis of a commercial truck. This setup allows for more accessible transport of lifting other types of heavy equipment to different locations and allows the boom truck to maximize utilization.

Types of Boom Truck

There are two types of trucks that you can choose from, each with a specific function to cater to your commercial needs.

Articulating boom truck: An articulating boom truck features a hinge and moves at different angles. It is the more flexible variant used for narrow spaces because it is easily navigable around obstructions.

Telescopic boom truck: This type of truck has a straight boom. It has a better extension than its articulating counterpart and is better used for construction sites that have more expansive areas to work with.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Boom Truck

Before you hastily buy a boom truck, you should first think about various considerations.

The truck’s placement and the amount of load: Different loading requirements and placements will help you determine the type of truck you need to purchase. Boom truck brands should provide you with a load chart to choose the suitable model.

Boom truck capacity can range from 10-15 tons, while boom lengths can reach 207 feet. Although boom capacities usually carry up to a maximum weight of 60 tons, some booms feature longer variants that allow you to place more load.

The type of service you provide: Boom trucks are a particular variant of heavy equipment that is helpful to your business. Your choice should be influenced by the needs of your commercial enterprise so that you can easily pick the right boom truck, whether you need it for lifting light-weight or heavy trucks, extended driving times, and use on various terrain.

For example, some trucks are exclusively used by electrical contractors on paved roads, while some are used in construction areas. Knowing the correct type of truck to buy can help you utilize your truck’s features.

The truck’s safety features: Some trucks are specially designed with a platform to be positioned on them. You must purchase a car that can safely carry your employees for services that call for human services in high places like electrical poles or construction sites.

Before purchasing a boom truck, make sure that you do ample research to minimize any risk to you or your employee’s safety while operating the car. Also, to provide efficient services, you have to ensure that the quality of your equipment is held to the highest standard. So, don’t just purchase any boom truck out there. Instead, patiently look at your options that could best fit your business.

Author: Alison Lurie