Flattering swimsuits for different body types

A beach holiday is incomplete without a sexy swimsuit. And if you are reading this article, there are high chances that you are looking for swimwear for your upcoming beach trip but aren’t sure which style will flatter your shape the most. Don’t worry! You are not alone. Every woman is gifted with a beautiful body; it is just a matter of knowing which tantalising swimsuit helps you flaunt best. Before you embark on your swimsuit search, remember that everyone’s body is unique, and there is a bathing suit for all body types. You will stumble across different styles of swimsuits, viz., One-piece swimsuit, Tankini set, Bikini, Skirtini, LegSuit, Burkini, Sling swimsuit, Swim Dress, Ruffle Swimsuit, Bandeau, Three-piece suit and more. Here are a few tips to find out which could work for you. Read on!

Tips on choosing the best swimsuit

Swimsuit for a large bust

If you are a lady with a large bust, you need to look for proper support and coverage. Right? However, it would be hard for you to find a bathing suit for yourself as swimwear rarely offers full coverage and enough support. You can look for belted swimsuits with underwire cups and adjustable straps. Even a thick chest band or a bikini top with underwire support can be a good bet for you. Give it a try!

Swimsuit for a pear-shaped body

For a pear-shaped body, a skirtini would be the best choice! Skirtini gives you a kittenish look while showing your flashy and girly side. Plus, with a modish looking short and sexy swimsuit, you will be able to cover up your hips and bring an illusion of thinner thighs. You can even try swimsuits with ruffles or off-shoulder tops that have embellishments in the neckline; this will help you focus on your upper half while minimising the bottom. Even opting for a one-piece suit with padded cups will balance your shape.

Swimsuit for an hourglass shape body

An hourglass body means your bust and hips are about the same width. So do you want to flaunt your curves or hide them? The idea is to compliment them with a two-piece bikini. Yes! Bikini is the all-time favourite for most girls. You can try a halter top that supports your upper body and high waist bottoms that are slightly higher and hug your curves beautifully.

Swimsuit for small bust

Luckily if you have a small bust, you should not be afraid to experiment with your swimsuits. Try printed or patterned styles, suits with embellishments in the top half, cut out detailing at sides, skimpier styles or anything that allures you. But make sure you get a bathing suit that adds volume to your shape. The most common way to enhance your top is with frills, off-shoulder tops, or to have some lift up for bust support. You can even go for push-up cups (but make sure they are removable too).

Swimsuit for big tummy

If you have a wider waist, Tankini sets or swimsuits with shirred panels or well-placed, tiered ruffles are made for you. These styles of bathing suits will hide your larger waistline and draw the eyes downward and away from the midriff. That’s what you want! Right? These styles are made to accentuate your bust, lengthen your body and disguise the tummy. Plus, these are super comfy and flattering.

Hopefully, now you have got to know which swimsuit style is most likely to suit you the best. The last piece of advice for you is, always go for extra support when it comes to shopping for swimwear and never make your purchase based on the lingerie size you wear. Take the accurate measurements first, and then start hunting for the best swimsuit that fits you the best.

Author: Alison Lurie