Physical and Emotional Effects of Co-Sleeping with Children

What are the physical and emotional effects of co sleeping with children

A study of 477 parents, done by R. Mahendran, J.A. Valngankar, s. Mythily and Y.M. Cal, in Singapore Med Journal, found that 72.7% of children co-sleep with their parents. Is co-sleeping between parents and children really healthy for children, or does it damage the child and cause them to grow into fearful, … Read more

New Hope For Sleep Disorders In Autistic Children

New hope for sleep disorders in children with Autism

Autistic children frequently suffer from sleep problems ranging from the inability to fall asleep to frequent nighttime awakenings. This problem is so common that it’s believed to affect up to three-quarters of autistic children to some degree. This can be a problem for both parents and children. Sleep disorders in autistic children … Read more

How to Get Your Co-Sleeping Child to Transition to Their Own Bed

How can you get your co sleeping child to transition to their own bed

Co-sleeping is a controversial practice in the United States, despite the fact that children in most other cultures, as well as children throughout human history, have typically slept with their parents for the first few years of life. Perhaps as a result of this controversy, there’s little information available about what to … Read more

How Can Children Sleep So Much?

How are children able to sleep so much How can children sleep so much

Age-appropriate recommendations When you talk about children getting sleepy, you are always curious about the right amount of time they should sleep each night. Although medical science has advanced to levels beyond, the question about the sleep time of children is yet not answered. Some doctors and psychiatrists try to calm down … Read more

How Bad Sleeping Habits Can Affect Children

How do bad sleeping habits affect children

Probably you’ve noticed a pale, conceded look in your children’s faces, an elevation in their moodiness, substantial subsidence in their overall performance, and you are thinking: Where did it all go wrong? Well, it’s all in their negative sleeping habits! Sleep is vital for all, but when it comes to children, then … Read more

Funny Ways Moms Can Get Kids to Sleep

What are some funny ways moms can get their kids to sleep

There must be a million ways to get kids to sleep. Most moms wish they had them all memorized. We love our kids, don’t we? Still, bedtime is a welcome relief for the majority of parents. It’s a tough job that lasts 24/7. Plus, there’s nothing like the angelic face of a … Read more

Effects Of Children Sleeping Poorly

How does sleeping poorly effect children

How bad sleeping habits can affect children Good and adequate sleep is a great need for every child. As much as grown-ups do, small children, too, need to get enough sleep each day. During the early childhood stages, the body and the brain are very active and develop at a rapid rate; … Read more

Children Sleeping Problems

Children Sleeping Problems

Most children usually naturally adapt to the normal sleeping patterns of their parents during their first year. They may, however, experience some problems like waking up at midnight, having odd patterns of sleeping, or having problems falling asleep. When the child is able to properly adjust to the normal sleeping routine, it … Read more

Bruxism – When Children Grind Teeth In Their Sleep

What are the negative effects of children grinding their teeth

Definition Do your kids have a bad habit of grinding their teeth during their sleep? Bruxism, also known as the gnashing of teeth, is a condition characterized by incessant grinding of one’s upper and lower teeth. As of 2008, scientists are still unsure as to what causes Bruxism. Some speculate that it … Read more

3 Signs Your Child Isn’t Getting Enough Sleep

What are 3 signs that your child isn't getting enough sleep

Here is an all-too-often occurrence at some people’s homes. An 18-month-old child, who has been sleeping through the night for a long time, suddenly wakes up at 4 am for several mornings in a row. The cause of this early morning rising might come as a surprise to some parents, however. Most … Read more