Best Winning Strategy For Online Casinos

You may be surprised to discover that online casinos have been around in one shape or form since 1996. The early versions of these casinos were mainly table games focused and the graphics were pretty basic. Slots were a work in progress too but the breakthrough moment also happened in the same year. WMS Industries was the production company behind the milestone moment and they were the team responsible for the first major release of an online video slot that was called Reel Em. This was the first slot to take players to a second screen bonus round. When the bonus was triggered, a completely different screen was displayed for the bonus to be played out on. 

The success of Reel Em opened the floodgates and hundreds of video slots used the new technology available to create ever more elaborate games and the public embraced them fully. In fact, slots eventually took up 70% of online casino platforms listed from free online slot sites and were responsible for a major junk of online casino revenue. 

The Success Continues 

The online slot success story has continued right to the present day and although there are more regulations on the horizon, such as maximum betting limits possibly being dramatically lowered in the near future, our love for slots, online casinos and gambling in general, continues unabated. Now online casinos offer a huge choice of gambling games and the graphics on slot games in particular, continue to progress year on year, making them even more popular than ever. Considering the length of time that online casinos have been available to the public, are there any winning strategies that have developed over time? 

Random Spins With Random Wins

Unfortunately, everything about gambling online is totally random. Especially when it comes to slots. But even if you choose to play roulette or Bingo, an RNG, or Random Number Generator, generates each result. An RNG is basically a microchip that generates numbers all the time. It’s these number sequences that generate the spins and therefore your luck is at the mercy of this generator creating winning or losing spin number sequences.

Strategies At Work

Despite the randomness of online casino game results some strategies can still be found at work as punters experiment with various ones in the hope of discovering a winning formula. One such strategy is the Paroli betting system. This is thought to be a smart money conserving approach to online casino gambling. In simple terms, if you start off betting with £10 and you make £10 profit, you add the profit to your next bet and this increases your next base bet to £20, this goes on until you win enough and move on to your next game, or you lose your profit and original stake. The major loss will be profit and the smaller percentage of your losses will be your own cash. Other strategies include setting up loss limits, taking up welcome bonuses and banking anything and everything you win, to prevent you from betting it all back.