Best Tricks To Fall Asleep Quickly

Understanding the possible solutions to your insomnia problem starts with identifying the reasons for your disturbed sleeping patterns.

Scientists have made many discoveries on ways of attaining and developing healthier sleep patterns, people have heard and decided to ignore them because sometimes they are just too hard to commit to or maybe just complicated to understand.

One common resort that people opt for is to put on earplugs when they feel the noise around is distracting.

In many cases, this can be the best solution. The question is, what if this doesn’t work?

Here are some quick things you can try before turning off your lights and sleeping-

A quick foot exercise.

Stretching your toes backwards and forward while you lie down on the bed might help you relax. Stretching releases a hormone, indicating our body muscles to loosen up, making us feel lighter and enhancing the blood flow. It will help your mind ease and make you worry less about the uncertainties we always carry in mind.

Even if you are very sleepy, practising this habit would ensure that you receive a more sound sleep.

Taking a nice shower

As much as some of us might like to think that having a bath takes away your sleep, trust me, when I say that if you alternate between warm and cold water showers, you will sleep like a baby!

A shower helps our head to unburden and refreshes our senses, making us feel clean and fresh. A hot water shower, though, might not help you sleep a lot but regulating temperature every now and then might help.

Some people also said that even if they cannot squeeze in a quick shower every now and then, they prefer washing and scrubbing their feet which helps enhance their quality of sleep.

Reduce that screen time

I know that we all are hell-bent on using electronic devices all the time in today’s world. Be it television, smartphones or laptops, staying away from the screen is just a dream. Yet, if you could somehow manage to distance yourself from these devices for even an hour before you go to bed, then it can work wonders!

These devices emit blue light, which reduces the melatonin level in our body, which is responsible for our sleep-wake cycle. In short, making us feel less fatigue and disrupting our sleep.

To light up some scented candles

So as unusual as it may sound, having some scented candles or drinking a little lavender tea helps. Lavender has properties that help you feel sleepy and less focused. You can have it before bed to feel lousy. Although having lavender tea at home is not very common, you can even light a candle with a mild scent that you like. If you would have ever noticed, there are a few smells just like dishes that remind you of a certain memory.

Try and concentrate on the smell. Shift your focus. Put on some earplugs and before you realise, it will be dawn.

One of the unique methods is- Manipulating your dreams.

Okay, so this is not as hard as it sounds. Manipulating here means dreaming of things and scenarios you’d like to be in; it is just like fooling your brain in simpler words. Sometimes when we just can’t sleep, then we have to lay down and simply think about what we would like to do instead. Just close your eyes and imagine yourself in a meadow surrounded by flowers, and you’re running all over the place smiling.

This is one of the most effective methods, though it requires precision and practice. At first, concentrating on your imagination will take time, but you can fall asleep in even 10 seconds when you get used to it!

Author: Alison Lurie