Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Your Dream Bathroom!

Gone are the days when bathrooms were used only for the purpose they were built for. Today, bathrooms are luxurious spaces in one’s home that cater to all the basic and luxurious needs of an individual.

They are designed in ways that benefit you largely. If you are searching for bathroom renovations in Sydney, you can choose from a wide range of designs, such as contemporary or modern. New age homes are all about styling the interior spaces, and with such vast options available in the market, you can explore all you want!

In this article, you will find inspiration for your bathroom renovation to turn it into a bathroom you’ve wanted all this while!

Different types of bathroom remodelling

If you are planning bathroom renovations in Sydney, you will find some of the best professional services offering you the same. Sydney has witnessed economic and lifestyle growth amongst the population, and everyone wants to be equipped with the latest features and economy.

In Sydney, you can find interior designers who are licensed, certified, and skilled professionals ready to transform your home.

Below is a list of the most popular bathroom designs you can consider for your renovation project.

1. Small bathroom

Whether you are short on space or generally prefer small bathrooms, you can renovate them with all the necessities despite the shortage of space. They consist of a bathtub or a shower, a sink, vanity, toilet, and mirror. Lack of space is never a reason to not renovate your bathroom into your dream one.

To utilise the space available and save up on more, you can install floating fixtures such as toilets and vanities from the walls to maximise the unused space. This will make your bathroom appear visually larger.

2. Master bathroom

An epitome of luxury, master bathrooms are dreamy in all ways possible! They speak of grandeur and elegance like none other. Two people commonly use them, so splitting the vanities, shower heads or bathtubs, and mirrors between them is a popular choice.

Some master bathrooms also have luxurious amenities such as fireplaces and TVs. If your budget allows you to explore, you can create your own world inside your bathroom.

3. Laundry-bathroom combo

When tight on space, you can always make the best of the circumstances and combine laundry and bath areas into one. This is a scenario commonly seen in small apartments. An essential element to focus on when planning such spaces is not losing the sense of calm in the area.

You can use bi-fold doors or partition walls to hide laundry items. However, the focus should not be on the laundry. Instead, the bathroom elements must dictate the look and feel of the room. Make the most of modern design elements to achieve the perfect balance inside your bathroom.

4. Guest bathrooms

Finding the perfect space and making your guests feel comfortable is essential. Guest bathrooms usually have ample space and storage. When your friends and family visit, you would want them to have all the necessary supplies of their own.

You can go for open shelving, which will allow for an open display of the shower, bath accessories and other necessities.

Final words

Bathrooms are now sacred spaces, and if you are looking for bathroom renovations in Sydney, the options are endless! You can select the type of designs you want or take professional help and then decide how you wish to proceed with the project.

Nothing speaks of luxury more than a well-organised bathroom space!

Author:  Alison Lurie