6 Small Changes in Your Bedroom That Will Improve Your Sleep

Do you struggle to get sleep every night? This is an occasional problem among most people. However, how their room is might be the reason it takes them a long time to drift off. Sometimes you find yourself waking up several times at night. If this is the case, it is best to optimize your bedroom even with a small budget. It does not have to be something time-consuming or difficult. In this way, you create a bedroom better for sleep by making some of the small changes below that make a big impact.

1. New mattress, pillows, and beddings 

A key part of making changes in your bedroom is ensuring that you have a comfortable and supportive bed. You need a good mattress that matches your sleeping position and body weight to make a difference in the quality of sleep you get. Check through tempurpedic reviews to find the mattress type that you prefer. Pillows are vital parts of your beddings too. Today, there are various types of pillows to choose from. Choose a durable one that keeps their shape and support your spine as you sleep on them at night. Choose the right bedding materials that help to regulate temperature to ensure you sleep comfortably.

2. Wall color

Wall color

Did you know that color affects your mood? Therefore, the color in your bedroom should give you a relaxing effect. For instance, blue is a color people connect to feelings of comfort and security, and it has a calming effect. Green also has a similar effect. Therefore, as you consider the best wall color for your bedroom, it is best to consider the shade too. A very bright green or blue are less calming in comparison to paler shades. The best colors for the bedroom are slate blue, soft grey, bluish lavender, and creamy white as well.

3. Plants 

Add plants to your bedroom as they are a soothing addition. Also, they have various benefits, for instance, they help to filter the air. Plus, caring for houseplants is relaxing and helps when you have anxious feelings. If you’re a first-time plant parent, choose one with air-purifying abilities or its scent. Some to consider for air purification are English ivy, palm species, and rubber plants. Consider also if the plant you intend to buy is toxic to your pet. You can also get a lavender plant for it helps to calm the central nervous system.

4. Light


Light is an element you should not forget as you optimize your bedroom. Blue paint may be ideal for your wall color, but for electronics, it is not. You should avoid them if you want to improve your sleep significantly. The problem is that the blue light mimics the effects of sunlight on our sleep-wake cycles keeping you up at night and making it harder to fall asleep. The best way to avoid blue light is through lifestyle changes. For instance, keeping all electronics away an hour to bedtime. If you need night lights, choose those that use dim red or yellow lights as they have less impact on natural rhythms.

5. Scents 

Consider some scents as part of your bedroom environment too. Some essential oils like lavender, sandalwood, cypress, juniper are some that encourage relaxation and make it easy to stay or fall asleep. So you can choose one of them and it is best to use an essential oil diffuser than a scented candle as it can be a fire hazard. Through using a diffuser, you harness the power of scent in your bedroom, and it is best to choose one with an automatic shut-off feature.

6. Sounds 


Do you need absolute silence to sleep better every night? If this is the case, you need to make a small change in your bedroom by introducing a white noise machine. White noise helps to mask sounds in the house or outside and improve sleep. Also, through smartphone apps, you can get white noise of your liking to use every night or when there is disruptive noise around you. Choose from sounds of rain, wind, and electric fans. Optionally, you can go for sleep music and genres such as smooth jazz is  best and ensure they have no lyrics.