5 Tips for Ensuring a Good Night’s Rest While Traveling


Traveling is such a rewarding and exciting experience. With so many possible destinations to visit travelers sometimes take as long as a year off from work and school just to travel around the world. Europe is one of the most visited continents due to its beautiful cities, lush vegetation, cool weather due to high elevation in some parts, and incredible water bodies. Tourists that visit Greece, for example, almost always end up exploring more than one of its incredible islands, a practice commonly known as island hopping.  As fun as it sounds, traveling is also a major disruptor of sleep. A good night’s rest is essential to staying healthy while away from home. And here a few ways to ensure you sleep well.

1. Choose Your Hotel Carefully

Before leaving your home, carefully choose your hotel at your destination. If you intend to go on an island hopping adventure in Greece, be sure to select a suitable hotel on one of its beautiful holiday islands such as Mykonos. Mykonos is home to some of the best beachfront luxury hotels such as Adorno Suites that provide great services along with incredibly cozy rooms to ensure travelers get a good night’s rest every day. For more details about Adorno Suites, visit adornosuites.com.

2. Eat Light at Night

Part of the joys of traveling is experiencing cultures through food. However, your diet can drastically affect your sleep. Chances are you will be trying out new foods for the first time and may not know how your body will react. To play it safe, try any new food early in the day and as evening comes around, eat light foods only. As much as you can, eat healthy and stick to your routine diet.

3. Avoid the Three Ss: Stress, Stimulants and Screens

To enjoy a good night’s rest whether you are traveling or at home, cultivate a bedtime routine. Begin to wind down at least two hours before your bedtime. As part of your routine, avoid any stressful situations such as making any travel plans or working. Avoid stimulants such as alcohol. And avoid TV, mobile devices, and computer screens. All of these disrupt the normal sleep cycle. Instead, read a book with a bedside lamp.

4. Get active during the day

While it is tempting to simply sleep in, stay in, and order room service all day while on vacation, it is bad for your internal body clock. Go out and get a little active in the morning even if it is just for an hour. The goal is to take in some sun so your body knows it is day time.

5. Stay hydrated

Ensure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. It is easy to forget about water when having fun and enjoying exotic foods and beverage all day. Water helps you stay active during the day which in turn helps you sleep well at night.


Still can’t sleep in a new place? Try these; keep the lights low, walk around your room for a bit, stretch gently, read a book, newspaper, or a magazine, if you have one, and try to sleep again. The goal is to get comfortable and feel at home.