5 Common Swimming Pool Issues And How To Fix Them

Having a swimming pool right in your backyard makes it the best place to host pool parties, play games and beat the heat.  

However, pools require regular care and maintenance for you to enjoy swimming throughout the year.  

Swimming pools are prone to common problems and thus it’s important to discover and resolve them to prevent costly repairs in future. 

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Below are the 5 most common swimming pool issues and how to fix them:

1. Clean to green

Clean to green

What if you wake up to the pool that has turned into a shade of green that looks gross and uninviting. If you’re seeing green, then most likely it is algae floating on your pool. 

The common reasons behind the algae growth include irregular cleaning, slow water circulation, and improper chemical balance.

 In order to defeat this green enemy, follow these tips:

  • Cover your pool with a pool cover or pool enclosure, when not in use;
  • Add algaecide to stave off growth;
  • Regularly clean your pool;
  • Shock your pool;
  • Run the pool filter.

2. Clogged Filter

The filter plays a very important role in cleaning out the pool. But in case, you see a thick layer of debris on the surface of your pool then there are chances that your filter might have clogged.

Irregular pool cleaning, broken twigs and dry leaves can clog up your pool filter and make it ineffective for use. 

Some of the ways to fix this problem are:

  • Regularly clean your pool;
  • Thoroughly clean your filter to keep it functional;
  • Maintain your filter on a regular basis to ensure its efficiency.

Pro tip:  Turn off your filter before proceeding. 

3. Stains and scratches

Stains and scratches are very common to be found on the bottom or side walls of your pool. They are mainly because of the rust-based metals, calcium build-up, or strong doses of minerals that you put into the pool.

To fix this issue, follow these tips:

  • Balance the chemical levels such as pH level and chlorine of your pool;
  • Shock your pool;
  • Regularly clean your pool;
  • Regularly test to identify any metallic presence in pool water. 

4. Unbalanced chemical level

Unbalanced chemical level

If you notice white patches and dark spots in your swimming  pool, this is probably due to the unbalanced pool water chemistry.

Balancing your water chemical level is important to keep pool water clean and hygienic for common use. 

To balance pool chemicals, follow some basic tips:

  • Use chlorine testing strips to check if the chlorine levels are not too high or too low;
  • As per the American commercial infotainment website, How Stuff Works, the pH level of your pool must be in between 7.2-7.8. To balance the pH, add acids or alkalis into the pool water.
  • Maintain the calcium hardness level between 200 to 400 ppm;
  • Regularly test your pool water.

5. Cracks & leaks

While dipping into the pool, have you ever felt an uneven pool surface?

Sounds weird! Cracks in your pool is a serious issue that can cause unexpected injuries to you and your family. 

If the small chips are breaking off the surface, you can easily fix them by patching with cement. But if there are large cracks, you may have to consider excavation. 

Furthermore, cracks often lead to water loss through leaking.  Water leaks not only destroy your pool but also cause plumbing issues. 

It’s important to find and fix any signs of leaks, cracks, or damage to prevent hefty repairs later.   Be sure to check out swimming pool liners as well.

Addressing common swimming pool issues requires a combination of regular maintenance, keen observation, and timely intervention. From filtration problems to chemical imbalances, each challenge can impact the enjoyment and safety of your pool. For those who encounter persistent or complex pool issues that demand professional expertise, particularly when plumbing is involved, try these out. Visiting the Sarkinen Plumbing website offers access to a range of services that extend beyond traditional plumbing, including specialized solutions for swimming pool systems. This resource is invaluable for homeowners looking for expert advice and services to ensure their pool remains a source of relaxation and fun, seamlessly integrating with the practical tips provided in the article.

Final words

These are common swimming pool issues faced by most of the pool owners. Above all, regular pool maintenance and cleaning are very important to keep your pool functional and free from all the problems. 

Talk to a professional to manage all such swimming pool issues. 

Enjoy Swimming!