4 California Vacation Spots to Recharge Your Batteries

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Taking time off from your stressful life to recharge your batteries is very important. California has many different options for relaxation. If you want to spend the day at the spa, you can choose from one of the many beach-side locations. Does a bike ride or a hike help you clear your mind? Choose one of the famous trails. And of course, there are the classic California beaches where you could spend your days basking in the sun or exploring the boardwalk. Below are five examples of getaways where you can relax and recharge your batteries.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

One of the best ways to let loose and relax is to pretend you’re a kid again. The Boardwalk is the perfect place to get silly and leave adult problems in the past. The Boardwalk has everything you need to be a kid again: roller coasters, games, shops, and all the carnival food your heart could desire (or handle). When you’re done having fun on the rides, the Santa Cruz Beach is right there for you to sit on and take in the gorgeous ocean views. You won’t even need to travel far from your hotel if you find a place that’s close to the beach.

Wilder Ranch State Park

If you love hiking through forests while also enjoying ocean views, Wilder Ranch State Park is the place for you. Wilder Ranch is located at the base of Ben Lomond Mountain, so it has hiking paths that follow the ocean bluffs of Santa Cruz and through the forest. Wilder Ranch used to be an old dairy ranch, and it has been preserved to keep the 1800’s feel. After your hike, you can explore the Victorian house and ranch and transport yourself back to a simpler time.

Truckee River Trail

The Truckee River Trail is a perfect bike path if you just want to ride. This 7.5-mile bike path is fairly easy, so you don’t have to worry about a challenging ride, and you can bring your family with you. It follows the Truckee River and eventually leads to a lake. The highest elevation point is 203 feet. It has light traffic, so while you may see some other bikers along the way, you don’t have to worry about weaving through other bikers or being distracted.

The Spa at Pebble Beach

If your idea of a relaxing vacation is a spa day by the beach, then this is the place for you. Located next to Pebble Beach, The Spa at Pebble Beach provides pretty much any service you could imagine with gorgeous beach views. The Spa’s amenities include body treatments, massages, facials, spa packages, and more. This is the perfect place for you to relax and recharge before going back to your life.

Relaxing and recharging is important to your overall wellbeing. Everyone relaxes in different ways. Some relax by going to a spa, others hike or ride a bike. Some people even relax by pretending to be a kid again at the boardwalk. Whatever relaxes you most, you can guarantee that California has something to recharge your batteries.