3 Best Trips and Tips For Solo Female Travel

After a stressful few years, you may want to explore several destinations to reconnect, rest, heal and revitalize. Solo travel is a life-changing experience for women in need of a little soul-searching. 

Embrace independence and freedom, conquer your fear, discover your true self, and see the world from a fresh perspective. In an ideal world, solo female trips would not be so challenging but one of the most liberating things you can do.

Traveling alone is not easy but can be equal parts rewarding and overwhelming. As per statistics, there are many safest places for women for a solo getaway.

As you are about to plan your first post-pandemic solo, here are some safe places to travel alone. 


Iceland is the safest country in the world, therefore, is well-suited for solo travel. It is a perfect blend of relaxation and thrill offering a safe and welcoming environment for solo female travelers.

Iceland has beautiful natural hot springs and some of the friendliest people. One of the best tourist attractions there is the Northern Lights, a beautiful sight of blue and green colors adorning the sky.

New Zealand

Mesmerizing scenery, long hikes, and some natural beauty is waiting for you to explore. New Zealand is an ideal place for travelers to visit with its turquoise pools, sculptural rockscapes, beautiful forests, and elevated meadows. 

A female traveler can also make some long-lasting memories with bungee jumping and open water swimming.


Visit Tokyo and different cities in Japan for a stress-free trip. This peaceful country is a perfect combination of art, culture, and futuristic technology. The people of Japan are extremely humble and respectful, making you feel safe and welcome.

3 Best Tips For Solo Female Travels

Now that you know the best places to go, here are the 3 best tips you ought to follow for the best experience. 

Pack Smart

Pack all the essential amenities in a backpack for the trip. It is one of the most important solo trip tips to pack smart and light. 

Coming to packing, pack only the things you absolutely need. Cut bathing towels and toiletries off the list as these things are already provided by the hotel. 

Pack the right clothes, pair of shoes, and other accessories and put them in packing cubes to save space.

Write in a Journal

No matter how unforgettable an experience you had, the human mind tends to forget things and tiny details with time.

As you begin this life-changing journey, take five minutes a day to write about the major events that happened, worth remembering the tiniest details, and key memories of the trip. Reading travel journals will help you relive those beautiful moments again.

Be Open-minded

Any trip will offer expected and unpredictable adventures, so, be prepared to stay in the moment. Go with the flow, let go, and enjoy what the destination has to offer.

Talk to people, go shopping, make friends, get out of your comfort zone, and dance your heart out.